Centre for Nanoporous Materials
Schools of Chemistry and CEAS 
Ms Zaynah Atta
M.Chem. student

My name is Zaynah, and I am a fourth-year chemistry student. Since starting at The University of Manchester, I have become very interested in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, I have since developed my knowledge in both Organic and Inorganic chemistry and now being part of the Centre for Nanoporous Materials, I have an opportunity to better my skills. As part of Professor Andersons research group, I will be investigating crystallography used for pharmaceutical drug delivery. Furthermore, a range of analytics will be used such as AFM, Optical Microscopy and X-ray diffraction. In my spare time I enjoy reading and MMA.

tel:        +44 (0)161 306 2770
fax:       +44 (0)161 275 4598
e-mail:  zaynah.atta@student.manchester.ac.uk