Centre for Nanoporous Materials
Schools of Chemistry and CEAS 
UCMM Group Outing to Blackpool 11th August 2003

The Pepsi Max Big One nears the top of its climb...
Welcome to vertical reality!
Outside Burger King.
Slightly wet after the log flume.
Group photo.
Itzel 'mountain goat' Meza setting out.
Itzel 'mountain goat' Meza well on her way.
Itzel 'mountain goat' Meza about to come to grief.
The Arabian Derby.
And it's number 6 by a head...
The water chute.
Cindy having lunch.
Queuing for the Iceblast.
The front of Valhalla
3... 2... 1...
Coming back down to earth.
I actually like seafood - honest!
Put to shame by the girl in the background.
Group photo.
The Irn Bru Revolution.
Cindy taking aim at the third tee.
Jon taking aim at the second tee.
Group photo
Dimos taking aim at the fifth tee.
The fifth hole.
The sixth hole.
The Avalanche thunders overhead.
Two quick visits to Valhalla and we are all drenched...
...Except for Dimos who buys a chicken mac!
Jon and magic Winnie the Pooh.
Night settles in at the Pepsi Max Big One.
'I can do that!' So he did... Twice!
Roller coaster heaven.
Group photo.
Itzel and Dimos on the gut wrenching Wild Mouse.
In the bar overlooking Valhalla.
You can't take him anywhere.
Words fail me.
The Irn Bru Revolution thunders over.
You will get wet... You may get soaking wet!