Centre for Nanoporous Materials
Schools of Chemistry and CEAS 
Xmas Lunch 2014

The Crew
Mike and Raghidah
Steve and Rachel
Adam, Martin, Steven and Melodie
Rachel and Steven
Rachel and Mike
 Rachel and Mike
Melodie, Rachel, Raghidah and Farida
Raghidah and Farida
Mike and Adam
Steven and Shiyu
Adam and Mike
Melodie and Adam
Raghidah and Shiyu
Rachel, Farida and Melodie
The Crew
Melodie, Farida, Rachel, Adam, Shiyu and Raghidah
Rachel and Farida
The Crew
Steven and Adam
Rachel and Melodie
Raghidah and Farida
Rachel, Raghidah, Steven, Farida and Melodie