Centre for Nanoporous Materials
Schools of Chemistry and CEAS 
16th International Zeolite Conference, Sorrento, Italy, July 4-9 2010

Ryong Ryoo and Yushan Yan receive Breck Award from Francois Fajula
Pablo Cubillas and Mark Holden at their poster
Mark Holden and Lukasz Karwacki
Francis Taulelle, Karl-Petter Lillerud and Pablo Cubillas
Mount Vesuvius
Osamu Terasaki and Shunsuke Asahina
Mike, Chrystelle and Oliver
Banquet room
Simon Weston
Lynne McCusker receiving IZA Award from Francois Fajula
Gabriele Centi toasting Shilun Qui
Francois Fajula and Irina Ivanova