Centre for Nanoporous Materials
Schools of Chemistry and CEAS 
Group Outing to Lake District July 2007

At the summit
Ayako fixing the gaiters
Rhea, Ayako and Martin get ready
Setting off, Rhea and Pablo take the lead
Pablo, Rhea and Martin
Adonay strikes out
Ayako, Neena and David bringing up the rear
To the top
David and Neena
Crinkle Crags
Martin consults the map, with Pablo, Ayako, Rhea and David
Adonay contemplates!
Pablo, Martin, Ayako and Rhea have a rest
Much further!!
David and Rhea
David, Rhea and Pablo
Pablo, Ayako and Rhea
Ayako and Adonay
David, Ayako and Pablo
 Rhea, David, Pablo and Adonay
Pablo sizes up lunch!!
View from the top
Rhea, Martin and Pablo contemplate the long way down!!
Neena - Did I really climb that!!
 Ayako, Rhea, Neena, Martin, Adonay, David and Pablo enjoying a well earned drink!!