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  • CrystalGrower: A Generic Computer Program for Monte Carlo Modelling of Crystal Growth
    Adam R. Hill, Pablo Cubillas, James T. Gebbie-Rayet, Mollie Trueman, Nathan de Bruyn, Zulaikha al Harthi, Rachel J.S. Pooley, Martin P. Attfield, Vladislav A. Blatov, Davide M. Proserpio, Julian D. Gale, Duncan Akporiaye, Bjørnar Arstad and Michael W. Anderson
    Chemical Science, 2021, 12, 1126-1146.

  • Hierarchical zeolite based on multiporous zeolite A and bacterial cellulose: An efficient adsorbent of Pb2+
    Raquelde A. Bessa, Antônia Mayza de M. França, André Luís S. Pereira, Natália P. Alexandre, Maria Pérez-Page, Stuart M. Holmes, Ronaldo F. do Nascimento, Morsyleide de F. Rosa, Michael W. Anderson and Adonay R.Loiola
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 312, 110752.

  • Crystal growth of the core and rotated epitaxial shell of a heterometallic metal-organic framework revealed with atomic force microscopy
    Fajar I. Pambudi, Michael W. Anderson and Martin P. Attfield
    Faraday Discuss. , 2021, 231, 112-126.

  • Hierarchization of Zeolites A and X Using Bacterial Cellulose as Macroporous Support
    Raquel A. Bessa, Andre Luis S. Pereira, Morsyleide F. Rosa, Michael W. Anderson and Adonay R. Loiola
    The Brazilian Chemical Society , 2021, 32, 1822-1831.

  • The development of a comprehensive toolbox based on multi-level, high-throughput screening of MOFs for CO/N2 separations
    Nakul Rampal, Abdulmalik Ajenifuja, Andi Tao, Christopher Balzer, Matthew S. Cummings, Arwyn Evans, Rocio Bueno-Perez, David J. Law, Leslie W. Bolton, Camille Petit, Flor Siperstein, Martin P. Attfield, Megan Jobson, Peyman Z. Moghadam and David Fairen-Jimenez
    Chemical Science, 2021, 12, 12068-12081.

  • Using the ash of common water reeds as a silica source for producing high purity ZSM-5 zeolite microspheres
    Sama M. Al-Jubouri, Sirhan I. Al-Batty and Stuart M. Holmes
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 316, 110953.

  • Oleylamine Aging of PtNi Nanoparticles Giving Enhanced Functionality for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
    Gerard M. Leteba, Yi-Chi Wang, Thomas J. A. Slater, Rongsheng Cai, Conor Byrne, Christopher P. Race, David R. G. Mitchell, Pieter B. J. Levecque, Neil P. Young, Stuart M. Holmes, Alex Walton, Angus I. Kirkland, Sarah J. Haigh and Candace I. Lang
    Nano Letters, 2021, 21, 3989-3996.

  • A structured catalyst support combining electrochemically exfoliated graphene oxide and carbon black for enhanced performance and durability in low-temperature hydrogen fuel cells
    Zhaoqi Ji, Maria Perez-Page, Jianuo Chen, Romeo Gonzalez Rodriguez, Rongsheng Cai, Sarah J. Haigh and Stuart M. Holmes
    Energy, 2021, 226, 120318.

  • Utilizing Faujasite-type zeolites prepared from waste aluminum foil for competitive ion-exchange to remove heavy metals from simulated wastewater
    Sama M. Al-Jubouri, Sirhan I. Al-Batty, Sivasakthi Senthilnathan, Norrapat Sihanonth, Lal Sanglura, Hongjin Shan and Stuart M. Holmes
    Desalination and Water Treatment, 2021, 231, 166-181.

  • Discrete-Particle Model to Optimize Operational Conditions of Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel-Cell Gas Channels
    Daniel Niblett, Stuart M. Holmes and Vahid Niasar
    ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2021, 4, 10514-10533.

  • Elucidation of the removal of trivalent and divalent heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions using hybrid-porous composite ion-exchangers by nonlinear regression
    Sama M. Al-Jubouri, Sirhan, I. Al-Batty, Rachel Ramsden, Julian Tay and Stuart M. Holmes
    Desalination and Water Treatment, 2021, 236, 171-181.

  • Lab-based X-ray micro-computed tomography coupled with machine-learning segmentation to investigate phosphoric acid leaching in high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    Josh J. Bailey, Jianuo Chen, Jennifer Hack, Maria Perez-Page, Stuart M. Holmes, Dan J. L. Brett and Paul R. Shearing
    Journal of Power Sources, 2021, 509, 230347.

  • Insights into the performance and degradation of polybenzimidazole/muscovite composite membranes in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
    Zunmin Guo, Jianuo Chen, Jae Jong Byun, Maria Perez-Page, Zhaoqi Ji, Ziyu Zhao and Stuart M. Holmes
    Journal of Membrane Science, 2021, 641, 119868.

  • High-performance polymer electrolyte membranes incorporated with 2D silica nanosheets in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
    Zunmin Guo, Jianuo Chen, Jae Jong Byun, Rongsheng Cai, Maria Perez-Page, Madhumita Sahoo, Zhaoqi Ji, Sarah J. Haigh and Stuart M. Holmes
    Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2021, 64, 323-334.

  • A Comparative Study on Mesoporous Y Zeolites Prepared by Hard-Templating and Post-Synthetic Treatment Methods
    Samer Abdulridha, Yilai Jiao, Shaojun Xu, Rongxin Zhang, Zhongyuan Ren and Arthur A. Garforth
    Applied Catalysis A - General, 2021, 612, 117986.

  • On the influence of alumina as a binder on the performance of Pt-Beta catalyst during the transalkylation of toluene and 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene
    Faisal M. Almulla, Syed A. Ali, Mohammed R. Aldossary, Essa I. Alnaimi, Vladimir I. Zholobenko, Abdulrahman bin Jumah and Arthur A. Garforth
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 320, 111095.

  • An efficient microwave-assisted chelation (MWAC) post-synthetic modification method to produce hierarchical Y zeolites
    Samer Abdulridha, Rongxin Zhang, Shaojun Xu, Aleksander Tedstone, Xiaoxia Ou, Jiacheng Gong, Boyang Mao, Mark Frogley, Carlo Bawn, Zhaoxia Zhou, Xinran Zhang, Sarayute Chansai, Stuart M.Holmes, Christopher Hardacre, Arthur A.Garforth, Sihai Yang, Yilai Jiao and Xiaolei Fan
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 311, 110715.

  • Control of zeolite microenvironment for propene synthesis from methanol
    Longfei Lin, Mengtian Fan, Alena M. Sheveleva, Xue Han, Zhimou Tang, Joseph H. Carter, Ivan da Silva, Christopher M. A. Parlett, Floriana Tuna, Eric J. L. McInnes, German Sastre, Svemir Rudić, Hamish Cavaye, Stewart F. Parker, Yongqiang Cheng, Luke L. Daemen, Anibal J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Martin P. Attfield, Yueming Liu, Chiu C. Tang, Buxing Han and Sihai Yang
    Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 822.

  • Methylcyclohexene and Methylcyclohexadiene Dehydrogenation-Hydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst
    Muhammad R. Usman, David L. Cresswell and Arthur A. Garforth
    Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2021, 46, 6635-6643.

  • Hydrocracking of virgin and post-consumer polymers
    Abdulrahman bin Jumah, Aleksander A. Tedstone and Arthur A. Garforth
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 315, 110912.